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Sleep slim tea is a powdered dietary supplement that helps burn fat within a few days. PureLife Organics, one of the reputed organizations in the US, discovered this advanced Sleep Slim Tea formula.

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What is Sleep Slim Tea

What is PureLife Organics Sleep Slim Tea™

Sleep Slim Tea is a new revolutionary natural weight loss formula that helps provide healthy weight loss by inducing a phase of deep sleep required for the fat-burning process. Sleep Slim Tea is made with sleep-inducing and fat-melting natural herbs and super spices needed for deep sleep and a faster fat-burning process. Sleep slim Tea formula is more delicious and convenient and is designed to support fat loss but also helps to boost immunity, lowers stress, promotes quality sleep patterns, and provides many health benefits.

These potent compounds are blended in precise ratios and manufactured as an easy-to-consume powder to enhance weight loss results. Each ingredient in Sleep Slim Tea is scientifically tested in the labs and is made following certified guidelines facility in the USA under strict, sterile, and precise standards to ensure a safer dosage. This formula helps thousands of customers promote excellent sleep, boost their healthy fat-burning metabolism, and provide a flat, trim, and good-looking figure.

Why Choose Sleep Slim Tea™

made in USA Sleep Slim Tea
Made In The USA
Sleep Slim Tea is manufactured
on US soil.
100% natural Sleep Slim Tea
100% All Natural
All ingredients are pure, natural, and carefully sourced.
Fda Approved Sleep Slim Tea
FDA Approved Facility
Sleep Slim Tea is manufactured according to the latest standards.

How does Sleep Slim Tea Work

Pure Life Organics Sleep Slim Tea allows you to discover the shocking truth about your poor sleep and your devastating health condition which stores fat on belly and other trouble parts. Once it found the root cause, it starts working to wipe out the creeping belly fat easily.
Do you know that obesity will destroy your intimacy, spoils your happy mood, poor sleep, and make you experience memory loss? It means to totally ruin your mental and physical wellness.
Everything will be solved if you have a cup of herbal tea and good night sleep. Of course, it can relax your mind and body to feel inner peace and activates desired organs and parts to achieve better health with body fitness.
Sleep Slim Tea is a brand new revolutionary product that can quickly solve the specific type of sleep deprivation and supporting your body to flush out the ugly fat faster. It will quickly trim your belly to lose weight and protects your health in order.
The added proprietary blend of ingredients will activate the “Shutdown Sequence” and help you fall a deep, restorative sleep. It leads to peel off the belly fat and fortifies your health overnight.
Magnolia Bark Extract, Magnesium, Calcium, Tumeric 4:1, Ginger Root Powder, Ashwagandha 2.5%, L-Glycine, Cinnamon Bark Powder, Cardamom, Chamomile, Black Pepper Extract 4:1 and some more to fix your sleep cycles and maximizing the fat burning process in your body miraculously.

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Can I drink it more than once a day!

Absolutely! It’s so delicious that I get this question a lot. And in fact, enjoying a mug after dinner and another about 30 minutes before bed can enhance your sleep and your fat burning metabolism even more.

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Sleep Slim Tea™ Benefits

There are a lot of advertised benefits of sleep slim tea. Take a look at how this tea can benefit you:

  • You can lose weight without having to go through hard-core exercises.
  • Enhances your metabolism.
  • Helps elevate your mood.
  • With this tea, you can get your desired level of the abdomen and your dream body.
  • It makes you less vulnerable. This tea makes your stress levels down and makes your mind strong and highly functional.
  • Sleep slim tea helps you lose excess belly fat while you deep sleep.
  • It tastes great and is quite convenient to make and consume
  • It helps in alleviating anxiety, stress, and depression.
  • Makes you feel energetic, and by taking this tea, you can sleep in no time.
  • The company offers a 60-day money-back policy. So, in case you are not satisfied with the product, then you can make a claim.
  • Brings down the cholesterol and glucose level.
  • Keeps the diseases at bay.
  • It enhances GABA movements in the brain
  • It keeps your blood pressure and diabetes in control.

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Sleep Slim Tea™ Ingredients

After all, it completely depends on the ingredients present in a supplement! Here is a list of ingredients present in Sleep Slim Tea: 


Calcium :

Calcium is responsible for a lot of activities in the body. Consuming calcium helps in strengthening the brain. Also, it restores the natural sleep cycle so that you get a good sleep.

Ashwagandha  :

Ashwagandha is another natural ingredient present in Sleep Slim Tea. The ingredient helps in improving sleep quality and lets you fall asleep quickly. Other benefits of ashwagandha include reduced stress.
There are multiple supplements out there that contain ashwagandha due to its amazing health benefits. Also, using ashwagandha in the limit has no side effects at all.

Ginger Root :

Just like turmeric, ginger root has a lot of benefits for the body. Consuming ginger root powder cures the inflammation and helps in lowering down the blood pressure. As per a study, ginger root reduces cholesterol levels. It even aids in weight loss, and you start losing fat. 
Furthermore, ginger helps in reducing stress and improves the flavor of the tea.

Magnesium :

Magnesium is a nutrient that the body needs. Also, some studies have proved that it is essential for improving sleep quality. Magnesium is important for speeding up several processes inside the body.

Magnolia Bark Extract :

Sleep Slim Tea contains Magnolia Bark Extract that has multiple benefits. The ingredient helps in relaxing your body and mind by enhancing the GABA activity. The GABA activity is behind the brain function and affects sleep.
As per a study, Magnolia Bark improves the quality of sleep. Furthermore, the ingredient fixes insomnia, and you can fall asleep quickly. With better sleep, your body starts functioning better, and you start losing weight.

Turmeric :

Turmeric is a natural antioxidant use in a variety of fat loss supplements. As per some studies, using turmeric reduces inflammation and helps in flushing out the toxins. Other benefits of turmeric include better weight loss. 
The natural ingredient speeds up fat loss and helps you lose weight. 

Chamomile :

Chamomile has several benefits, such as the calming effect. Also, it induces sleep and suppresses the appetite. The chamomile present in Sleep Slim Tea helps you in detoxifying the toxins from your body.
Furthermore, the ingredient improves the working of the metabolism, and that helps you in shedding the extra pounds.

Acacia Fiber :

Commonly known as gum Arabic, Acacia Fiber is an essential ingredient present in Sleep Slim Tea. The ingredient helps in improving digestion so that you can sleep quickly. Better digestion has a lot of benefits, such as improved sleep and weight loss.

Cardamon :

Cardamon is another natural ingredient present in Sleep Slim Tea that reduces inflammation. Furthermore, some studies have proved that using cardamom helps you in losing weight. 

Black Pepper Extract :

Black pepper extract is there in Sleep Slim Tea to improve the weight loss process. The ingredient is entirely natural and helps your body by improving digestion. Just like turmeric, black pepper has a lot of benefits for the body.
The ingredient increases the absorption of other ingredients so that they start their functioning and you can lose weight.

There are natural ingredients that make Sleep Slim Tea a reliable supplement for losing weight. With all these ingredients, you can enjoy a seamless weight loss journey without following a specific diet plan. 

In a nutshell, Sleep Slim Tea is a genuine supplement that you can use to lose weight. The supplement contains several natural ingredients that help you lose weight naturally.
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Frequently Asked  Sleep Slim Tea

This dietary supplement can be used by anyone who is 18 years plus. Sleep slim tea supplement is best for treating obesity and sleep problems. With this tea, you can enjoy a long and peaceful sleep, all along with fat burning. Anyone who is struggling to get a dream body image can try this supplement to get tremendous benefits.

This all-natural tea is best for adults or elders who are trying to achieve and maintain a good body figure. With this tea, you will be able to not only get a night of good sleep but also can reduce excess body fat. Also, this tea helps greatly in alleviating stress anxiety and boosting your mood.

PureLife Organics insists that there are no common side effects to any of the listed ingredients in Sleep Slim Tea. In fact, it seems like the team has reduced the concentrations per dose to account for safety. Additionally, all ingredients are deemed USDA organic, non-GMO and dairy-, soy-, and gluten-free. In the event that individuals are hesitant, either contacting customer service or a medical professional should be the next course of action.

Aside from activating the body’s fat-burning capacities, PureLife Organics asserts that Sleep Slim Tea can also:
👉 Relax the mind and body
👉 Rectify sleep-related issues, consequently improving sleep quality
👉 Reduce anxiety
👉 Support one’s ability to attain deep sleep
👉 Eliminate cravings for late-night sweets, junk food, and desire for fatty foods

No, nothing about Sleep Slim Tea screams “prescription drugs.” As stated by the PureLife Organics team, each serving reflects natural and organic spices, minerals, and herbs that have been traditionally and scientifically proven to enhance sleep quality and one’s metabolic rate.

Sleep Slim Tea is backed by an “ironclad” 60-day money-back guarantee. Whether it be the taste or its ineffectiveness, if consumers report their concerns or wish to get a refund within 60 days of purchase, the PureLife Organics customer service will grant their wish (less shipping and handling and any other possible costs). For those wondering how to get in touch with the team, here are some ways to bear in mind:


Phone: (417) 344-2447

Address: 6,000 Pardee Road, Taylor MI 48180 

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